The Solutions Summit brings together innovators and decision makers to grow a better future.

To access the 2023 recordings on solutions for Climate, Democracy, Economic Security, and Health, please email with your name and email address, and we’ll send you the link.

Solutions are everywhere. Innovators are creating positive change in our communities.

Led by Eleanor LeCain, a seasoned US policy advisor and author of Breakthrough Solutions, the Solutions Summit will showcase visionaries with solutions (“Solutionaries”) to four of America’s most urgent crises.

America’s Current Crisis

We live at a time of great peril and great promise. Multiple crises challenge the US and the world. The survival of our country, our species and our planet are at stake.

Awareness of our crises is generating widespread anxiety. For the first time, most people expect the next generation to have a lower quality of life than the current generation, and some are worried about whether the country and the planet will survive. 

We’re doing something to radically change this for America and bring hope to despair through showcasing solutions.

The problem is that the people with the solutions often don’t have the power to implement them; and the people with the power are often unaware that solutions exist.

So we are bringing together Solutionaries and decision makers who can implement solutions to build a better America.

Dates, Times, and Registration

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Hear from and interact with change makers on the cutting edge of creating positive change. The event will be broadcast on Zoom live from the US Capitol, as citizens bring vital solutions to the attention of decision makers at every level and fellow Americans. The programs will be held on the following dates and times. REGISTER NOW by clicking below on each day you want to attend! (To attend all four days, click on each of the four days below.)

Each session will last up to 2.5 hours, beginning at 9:00am PT/ 12:00noon ET.

Climate Solutions: Day One Monday, November 6, 2023

Economic Security Solutions: Day Two Thursday, November 9, 2023

Health Solutions: Day Three Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Democracy Solutions: Day Four Thursday, November 16, 2023

If you would like to access Solutions Summit 2023 recordings, please email your name and location at

  • Ignite a passion for solutions over division through effective ideas
  • Create a collaborative community to implement solutions rapidly
  • Ignite change by bringing Solutionaries together with Decision makers for rapid implementation of vital solutions
  • Empower participants to adopt a Solutionary framework
  • Launch ongoing subscription service to Solutions as they appear
  • Produce a written report on critical solutions with findings which we will disseminate widely
  • Measure adoption of at least one solution in each of the four crisis areas by November 2024 at the local, state or federal level
  • Share video recordings and report with leaders who can implement the solutions
  • Inform decision makers and citizens of emerging solutions

Our crisis is an opportunity. Breakdowns are an opportunity to breakthrough to new ways of living in greater harmony with each other and with nature. Our multiple crises make the search for solutions urgent.

Fortunately, many of the breakthroughs we need have already been discovered. Yet the solutions are not widely known or acted upon. That’s why we are convening the Solutions Summit – to give visibility to solutions, to connect Solutionaries with decision makers, and to build support for rapid implementation.

— adapted from Breakthrough Solutions book by Eleanor LeCain

We want to hear from you!

Become a Solutionary and help us solve America’s toughest problems by submitting
vital solutions to our crises in climate, democracy, economic insecurity, and health.

While the Solutionaries are already chosen for the 2023 summit, we welcome your suggestions
for the future. We cannot respond to every idea, but we will read every suggestion.

We are a nonprofit project. Our fiscal
sponsor is the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy. (Taxpayer ID#52-1314021)

5614 Connecticut Ave., NW #339 
Washington, DC 20015

For inquiries including media:

The Solutions Summit 2023 is committed to building an America and world that works for everyone, and to helping ensure that all Americans – regardless of race and ethnicity, gender and sexual identity, ability or socio-economic status – have the opportunity to fully realize their potential. All Summit communications will be respectful of the many differences among us.

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